Monday, September 29, 2008

Ohio Pass - Colorado

Greetings from Helper, Utah - a tiny town near a steep portion of railroad track where the "helper engines" were put on trains to assist them in the climb over the mountains.

A few days ago I took a scenic drive up the Ohio Pass in Colorado to see the magnificent colors on display. What a delight for the eyes! Here are some of the day's photos for your viewing pleasure . . . ENJOY!!

Tonight . . . Idaho!


mountainborn said...

SWEET ! Buddy, That's just sweet ! Look at them "quakies" ! They will be in full "glow' soon !
Mountainborn n' Butcherknife

Anonymous said...

How are you two? You seem to be having the time of your lives! The Collins Please anwser back!

Pete said...

We're doing great! Currently in Portland Oregon, with my nephew, Brent.