Friday, September 19, 2008

Westward Ho . . .

The great American vacation, part two, began yesterday as Oscar hopped into his plush accommodations in the backseat area of the Tacoma. He lounges around all day on his thickly cushioned dog bed or goes into his covered cage (aka, faux canine den) dreaming of smells to be smelled in the great wide world as I listen to satellite radio, monitor the GPS, and enjoy the sights. OK, I guess we're both pretty spoiled. But HE'S spoiled WORSE!!!!

Last night we relaxed near the foot of the Davis Mountains in west Texas at Balmorhea State Park, formerly known as Mescalero Springs because the Mescalero Apache Indians often watered their horses at this high desert oasis. The milky way was a lighted path across the heavens until the bright harvest moon washed out the star show and illuminated the earth. We slept with the windows open as the air was cool and fresh. Several times during the night, Oscar went of "full alert" mode as packs of wild coyotes howled and yapped as they fought over some prize they found. I don't think I'll walk him until the sun has come up . . . they might see Oscar as some tasty desert.

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