Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tales from the Grave

One never knows what treasures await while camping in out-of-the-way places. Take for instance, Many Cedars Campground, nestled deep in the forest along the Buffalo River in Tennessee, a regular destination for trail riders from far and wide. Labor Day Weekend brought 90 horses to traverse the 3200 acres of beautiful country along 65 miles of wooded trails. Generations come here to pass down the love of riding to their children and their children's children.

Oscar and I were the only ones there after the big weekend. I told him about the trails and asked if I could put a saddle on him for a brief trot. If looks could kill I would have been struck dead. He flipped his ears up, hopped into the trailer and said "Go TROT yourself, Pete!" (What EVER did he mean by that?)

So I grabbed the camera and went for a walk. In short order I came upon the Pollock Cemetery.

Here's what I discovered . . . James and Sarah Pollock's resting place - James was here on the earth from Aug 2, 1799 - Jan 19, 1871 and Sarah lived from Nov 28, 1805 - Nov 20, 1858.

Elias and Mary Fite lived in these parts during the mid 1800's. They rest here now.

The Pollock family had a history of military service in the Confederate Army. Here lies young James, who was evidently captured by the Union Army and died while in prison camp in Chicago. He rest now with his clan. Note the refreshed American and Confederate flags that are present today.

More evidence that the Confederacy is still alive in the hearts of many hereabouts . . . another grave site from 60 years ago also still receiving fresh Confederate flags to mark J. Brown Churchwell's contribution to the cause.

There were numerous small markers eaten away by the years that mark the resting places of infants. Hardy people lived here in rugged times . . .

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