Friday, January 22, 2010

Eggs at the Tampa RV Show

After Myakka State Park, Oscar & I joined Paul & Sherry Cavenaugh and we went to the humongous RV show in Tampa. Cued up in line for the entrance, for you can see our kayak in their rear window.

We initially parked close to the entrance and were soon joined by a bunch of "sun blockers" who all started up their generators ... soon we were getting dizzy from all the fumes. Soooooo,

We headed for the meadow in the back 40 and relaxed for a couple of days while we marveled at the myriad of ways people can build RV's. In the evening, we broke out the grill and had us a fine steak dinner . . . Jake & Judy, some new friends in a Casita from Washington state,joined us for some solitude and friendly discussions of life . . . life is goooooooooood.

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