Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kayak Camera Safari

The glassy waters of the Rainbow River . . . a kayak . . . a camera . . . all the makings of a great day as I quietly glide up to some wildlife in its natural habitat. The Hobie Sport kayak has a peddle driven propulsion system that frees both of my hands for fishing, or photography. A nice way to go. :)

The Anhinga, or "snake bird" swims underwater in pursuit of prey and is often seen spreading its wings to allow its fur-like feathers to dry.

Look close and you can see an Anhinga's neck and head above water giving the snake-like appearance.

Dinner just caught, the Anhinga hops up on the dock step to eat.

Well, that's it for today's camera safari . . . no snakes or alligators. Maybe next time . . .


Happy Trails said...

Great photography Pete! I'm glad the weather finally warmed up enough for you to enjoy your kayak!
Geri and Chuck

mountainborn said...

Good pix buddy. Sure wish we had one of them cool yaks !

Meanderthal said...

So, now you're a bird expert. Last I heard you were identifying a bird as a "big white one".

Glad you are enjoying the canoe - all looks great.


Pete said...

Along with the Anhinga, I also spotted a bunch of "little brown ones" and "long necked white ones."

Hope you're enjoying the big white snow . . .