Monday, November 22, 2010

Kolomoki Mounds State Park

In the mood for relaxing scenery, a bit of fishing, and walking amongst an ancient civilization all rolled into one? Then I'd suggest you head for Kolomoki Mounds State Park on the southwest corner of Georgia.

Kolomoki Lake

Eight remaining mounds built sometime between 250 and 950 AD by the Swift Creek and Weeden Island Indians make for an interesting journey back in time. The burial mound in the foreground is 20 feet high and was found to contain 77 burials along with numerous items of pottery. In the far distance, the Temple Mound rises 65 feet and has a base the size of a football field.

An interesting museum is built around the site of another burial mound excavation where you can view the scene as discovered by archeologists in the 1940's. The four skeletons seen here are representations of the actual ones, which were respectfully interred elsewhere within the burial mound.

Oscar and I sat around the campfire in the evening, listening to ceremonial drums an chants echoing across the lake and pondering the march of time . . .


Glenda Laine said...

Looks like a gorgeous, interesting, and relaxing location. Glad you and Oscar have the opportunity to "take it easy".

Happy Trails said...

Looks loke a place we need to go visit !!!