Friday, April 8, 2011

Goin' Fishin!

Oscar knew our fishing trip to Arkansas was getting close, so he made an appointment with his "Personal Beauty Consultant, " Jessica. He asked her to spruce him up for the trip so he could look his best when he reunited with his pal, Poco, to go impress the ladies. LOL! Here, he's fresh out of the bath and Jessica is just getting started on his transformation from Scruffy Dog to Dapper Dan.

Our stop for the evening came with a nice surprise . . . Ya gotta love Texas Bluebonnets in the Spring!


Anonymous said...

Oscar !! Dude ! Common' we got fish to ketch' !
He, he, harm forgot to log off his facebook account and I hacked it for him !!
yer' buddy Poco

mountainborn said...

Oscar ! They made me stay home this morning when they went to pick up the jugs, but they brought back two blue and two oppelousas catfish. Woo Hoo ! We is gona' have a fish fry ! Ya'll hurry up an' get here !
Yer' pal, Poco

Oscar said...

Holy schmoly batman! Pete! Hurry up and finish that coffee so we can get a move on and get on up there!

Meanderthal said...

We keep asking about Pete around Fair Oaks Ranch and Boerne. Usual response: Is he the dude that tags along with Oscar? Meandethal.