Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jugfest 2011

April + full moon = JUGFEST! The Wonder Egg wandered up to Lake Greeson for some fun. It appears pretty small next to Larry & Betty's sunblocker, which they've named "SPF50" Almost looks like an Easter Egg in comparison.

The jugs are all arranged for the evening cast, where we toss live bait to lure out the catfish as they feed overnight. Click on this link to watch a brief video Larry took of a jug cast.


Early in the morning, Larry & Betty await in their new, cool fishing boat to fetch jugs and see what sort of luck we've had. Actually, there is an art to targeting the right fish. Larry, aka Mountainborn, of Mountainborn Chonicles, is a pro at placing the lines in just the right spot. Betty supplies the Honey Buns which has become an early launch tradition.

Coffee -Honey Buns - Fish - and Friends - Woohoo!!

We ease up on the jug. Some bounce up and down, others cut a wake or disappear under water, this one simply played dead. It may still have a big one on the line, so we always anticipate a catch. Larry guides the boat next to the jug for the pick up.

Here are a few photos of some successful casts.

Oscar was confused why these cats had no fur and lived at the bottom of a lake.

Larry, Betty and Poco take a pose for the memory books.

Larry and Betty make a fine art of filleting cats fresh off the lake. When they're done with all the trimming, all that's left is succulent white meat. No fishy taste at all . . . pure protein and YUM!

Leftovers from filleting are deposited across the lake where the buzzards and eagles enjoy an easy feast. This young buzzard airs out its wings as it anticipates dinner.

You may wonder where The Smiley Dog is during this activity. He holds down the fort in the Wonder Egg, hanging out with Flat Weezul and Squeaky Squirrel.


Happy Trails said...

Chuck and Larry are headed out in a few minutes to see if the jugs have catfish attached!

Trisha said...

Dang those fish look GOOD! I haven't had catfish in years (I know, I know, but I'm a northerner used to fresh salmon, halibut and sturgeon!).

Oscar, are you snuggling up with ROAD KILL? or did YOU flatten your bounty?

The Worn Out Woman said...

Love the fishing post!! Wonderful catch!