Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Lower your Blood Pressure

Get your fishing gear and set up camp at Lake Greeson, AR.

Glide out on the lake early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise . . .

After a good day of fishing, tarry a bit on the lake and enjoy the sunset

Take a deep breath and be at peace...


Glenda Laine said...

OUTSTANDING photos, Pete. Sure looks ideal. . .except for all these storms rolling across the state. Wish we could have made it this year, but juggling too many balls in the air right now. Hope you all stay extra safe.

~~ Glenda & Jeff ~~

mountainborn said...

He, he, I think your Blood Pressure may have elevated a bit when you hoisted that 46 pound Blue catfish aboard the boat. Yeh, lake is good !

Anke said...

Okay, I'm sure! I'll stop taking my meds for lowering my blood pressure and have to come over again!

Oscar said...


Pete calls this "Lake Therapy" I think it's working ... he's mellowing out. Or perhaps that's simply a product of old age. LOL