Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fast Water!

It was the earliest part of the 1800's. The Lewis & Clark expedition had been commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson to traverse the newly purchased expanse of the Louisiana Purchase and seek a pathway for westward trading, making a thorough report on lay of the land and the indigenous population of Indians.

It was mid 2011 and the Wonder Egg was commissioned by Oscar the Wonder Dog, to seek out adventure with other Eggs and retrace the pathway of the original explorers. We have it quite a bit easier than L&C, who fought upstream with their keelboats . . .

Wayne, Judy, and Al stand at water's edge as a swollen Missouri River rushes past, creating turbulence and carrying debris downstream. L&C would have had significant difficulty under these conditions.

The scenery in this part of the nation is quite different from the brown, crispy grass of home. The land offers its fertile ground for crops of all sorts, feeding millions. Oscar snapped this picture out the window of a stylistic "red barn" and its rolls of hay for cattle.

He then leaned out the window to make sure all the Eggs are together as we head for our day's destination, Arrow Rock State Park, MO. We settle down at camp and prepare for the next leg...


mountainborn said...

Cool trip !

Kimbopolo said...

How cool! If I was retired, I would have joined that caravan in a heartbeat.

Have you seen the Ken Burns documentary on the L&C expedition? If not, you should watch it as you follow in their footsteps.

I'll say it again - how cool!!!