Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stoner Malts!

Wayne dropped off his wife, Pam, at the airport and will catch up down the trail. We currently have 3 Eggs in the gaggle. Here, we take a moment to walk the furkids and stretch our legs before continuing. We reached camp, near Hamburg, IA, and hiked to an overlook from some loess hills on the east side of the river. Lewis & Clark camped on the west side of the river from here on July 18, 1804 and sent a team to these hills so they could overlook the distant scenery and make note of all they saw.

Folks in Hamburg, IA are busy preparing for rising waters, but not too busy to host three "Eggers" following L&C. We dropped in on Stoner Drug, which has been in the family and operating since 1891. We even met the grand daughter of the founder. Stoner Drug has an original, old-timey soda fountain bar where you can sit on a stool at the counter, enjoy a healthy home made chicken salad sandwich and wash it down with a chocolate shake made with real malt.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to this community as they suffer through the flood of 2011. Levies are being worked on 24/7 and shops sandbag in case the levies don't work as desired. Crops are devastated. This corn field irrigation line disappears into a newly formed lake.

To be continued . . .


Kimbopolo said...

Malteds! OK - now I am officially jealous. LOL!

Arizona Eileen said...

Stoner Drug. Too funny.