Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gateway Arch

Oscar and I are in St Loius, MO and have joined some other happy travelers. Our goal is to generally follow the pathway of the intrepid explorers, Lewis & Clark as they left St Louis and followed the waterways northwest, eventually winding up at the Pacific Ocean. Oscar hung back in the trailer as I went downtown to the Gateway Arch, which towers 630 feet above the ground.

The Arch is majestic and beautiful in its simplicity. Completed in 1965, it offers tourists a dizzying view of the countryside from its observation windows at the apex.

When I got back to the campsite, I told Oscar all about the huge, fierce grizzly bear that's part of the Lewis & Clark exhibition in the subterranean museum beneath the arch. The little foo-foo dog puffed out his chest and said "Don't worry, Pete. I ain't askeered a no grizzly bear! I'll protect you."

I feel better all ready . . . NOT!


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

If you are a slow traveller, Jefferson City is having a big celebration on the 4th.
Come by and say hello!

Arizona Eileen said...

Pete - I'll be following your travels with Oscar. I'm living vicariously through your travels. Keep the reports coming! I always enjoy your photography. You have a terrific eye for composition.

Trisha said...

Since L & C's adventures ended at Seaside Oregon I expect a visit!! That Oscar. I remember when he scared other bears in Northern CA.

Happy Trails said...

Oscar is the bravest foo foo dog in the world! He needs to show our Hound Herd how to woof woof bark bark and bow wow more fearsomely!!!

Joan said...

Oscar and Pete post often...I am several shades of green as you take this historical trip. Glad the grand baby arrived safe and sound so you could begin your trip. Latte