Monday, June 18, 2012

Southern Utah Tour Casita Caravan

Oscar & I had the distinct pleasure of joining our Casita friends as Don and Betsy lead us on a tour of southern Utah . . . a wonderful group of people and stunning scenery.  While it's hard to capture the size and grandeur of the landscape, these pictures may provide a glimpse into what we enjoyed.

Marshaling the Eggs

Our version of OWS.  We called it "Occupy Scenic Overlook!"

Exploring a slot canyon

Oscar was not too thrilled as we stood on the edge of the cliff.  He kept saying "It sure is a loooong way down there, Pete."

Some of us enjoyed brunch at this unique coffee house.  Yummm!

Full lunar eclipse "Ring of Fire" as seen without protective filter.

Eclipse Watchers

Oscar used protection too!

Happy eggs touring Utah

Tunnel Traveler

Pulling into Red Canyon National Forest Campground

Rec Canyon National Forest Campsite

Oscar, the ever alert navigator  . . .  (yeah, right) 

A bit windy for little Oscar at Natural Bridge of Bryce Canyon

He much preferred Red Rock Canyon

 It's still cool up at 11,300' feet at Brian Head Peak!  Oscar was wondering what all the white stuff was.

Gathering for another day's wanderings

Temple of Sinawava

Beauty found clinging to a vertical wall of rock

Zion Canyon NP Campsite

Oscar & George, ukulele player extraordinaire . . .

 Early Mormon settlement used as backdrop for motorcycle scene in Easy Rider

Larson Cabin, circa 1930.  On the way to the Double Arch Alcove.

 Near the Double Arch Aclove

Clyde & Linda at Double Arch Alcove  . . . avid hikers since the early 70's!

OK, just how do we get this all on film?

Double Arch Alcove . . . worth the hike!

Oscar dreaming about all the fantastic Southern Utah Casita Tour sights, sounds, and smells

Don and Betsy, our gifted tour guides . . . THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cathie said...

Love the pictures of all the Casitas. Bet you had a grand time.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!!! Chuck

Happy Trails said...

So much fun seeing all the eggs all lined up and traveling onward!
The ghost town of Grafton also hosted the movie Buch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! Remember when Paul Newman had Kathern Ross on the handlebars of his bike??? It was shot there also. Read my last blog about Grafton. Hope you got to see the cemetery there! You had a great tour!!! Got to see all the really cool places! SNOW??? It's 100+ here today in Zion!

Happytrails said...

What fun!! Awesome!! I think Oscar is one lucky, happy fellow!! :-)

Sam Whited said...

I wonder where the wonder egg is...

Pete said...


Nice to "Hear from you"! Thanks for the push to get out an updated blog entry . . . hope you enjoy it.

Give my best to Mary.


Brian Head said...

Nice place! Thanks for sharing with us.

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