Monday, July 30, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

As the spring weather morphed into summer, our goal has been to stay cool, and for the most part we've been very successful.   In order to accomplish this feat, we resorted to climbing high into the Rocky Mountains to avail ourselves of the cool, rareified air which resides in the heights, above the boiling cauldron of this summer's lowlands.  We've been camped above 9000' elevation for the better part of the last 6 weeks.

Here's a taste of what we've enjoyed so far, since leaving our Southern Utah Caravan friends . . .

North Rim of the Grand Canyon . . . out of the way, quiet

Angel's Window - Look close and you'll see the Colorado River in the window

I loved the contrast of water fun amongst the desert mountains at Wahweap Bay Marina, Lake Powell

Four Corners, been there, seen that . . .

Camping by the river at Cayton Campground, south of Telluride, CO

Lindsay & Katelyn, Oscar's new biking pals

Trout Lake

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Sunset at Crawford State Park, Co

Oscar, laughing at what he calls "Pete's hysterical tan line"

Rocky Mountain National Park

We found a Big Foot crossing on the way to Pike's Peak - Oscar wanted another chance to whump-up on Big foot like he did back in the fall of 2008

Oscar didn't believe we made it to the top until he read it for himself

A little egg amongst tall trees at the Meadows Campground in the mountains east of Steamboat Springs, CO

We found this wonderful stream in Wyoming west of Riverton.  We'll be camping in the Shoshone National Forest for the next week or so . . . near Yellowstone National Park.


Anonymous said...

Dear Oscar,
I am so glad you are staying cool. We are cooking here in Illinois, but not in a good way. My pack finally took me out camping this week. It is beautifully cool once the sun goes down, so we are all becoming night owls. I have been enjoying the sounds and smells of our campsite while sitting in Bill's lap tonight.

As usual, I enjoyed the photos Pete took. Be sure to tell him I said thanks.

Your friend,
Isabella, the Italian Greyhound

Oscar said...

My Dear Isabella,

It is always nice to hear from you. Remember, it is better to be a cool night owl than a hot dog, especially while near humans and a campfire!

Your pal,


Anonymous said...

Dear Oscar,
We have been roasting here in Utah but you have been one lucky cool dog up there in the mountains! Glad we got a visit with you and hope to see you again. Geri n Chuck will go to North Rim, then Panguitch, Torrey and Bluff, Utah then meander to T or C, NM. Our masters do have a full hookup next to the mobile if you would like to stop by and for Pete: Hatch chiles are coming into season in Sept....and we'd really like to see your happy face..and of course Petes!!!! Woof, Yipyip and howl to both of safe Amigos. Scottie,Radar and Doogie Bowser...Geri n Chuck say HI too!

Kevin H said...

Hey Oscar - We met you at Lone Star RV Resort in Austin, TX a couple years ago. You showed us around your Oliver.

We are working in Yellowstone this summmer at the Grant Village General Store. If you get up here, stop in and ask for Kevin in the grocery. It would be fun to see you two this far north.

Safe Travels!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Oscar Pete's tan line is pretty strange....tell him to put some flip flops on! Glad you'll are staying cool.

Sure you don't want to be at the Austin rally this's going to be cool too. Compared to 108 last year ANYTHING is cooler! Travel safe!
Jango the Yorkie Terrorist

Trisha said...

Dear Oscar,
Glad to hear you are keeping Peter safe from the Big Footed peoples indigenous to that area! Now as to HIS feet..... sad. I'm not sure I've ever seen a farmer tan on feet before. Almost called you as I had a few yrs back in 09 when it got up to 107 here and we were all dying of the heat, but luckily it only hit 103 then backed down into the upper 80's. Mom's garden is great! I've been eating my way through it. She says hi to you and Peter. Update more often. Love to see your travels!

Your romping pal,

(Sister and Muneca give a yip out too!)

Oscar said...


Pete & I just got to Yellowstone today! Grant, Loop G, site 202. Pete stopped by the grocery today and found out you're not on until Friday! (Nice gig you've got there, buddy) We'll try & find you & Robin while we're here for the next week.

Oscar,the tree loving Smiley Dog