Sunday, April 5, 2015

The 2015 Long-Wander Has Begun . . .

The Wonder Egg's barn is empty as we pass out of the gate to begin our long summer wander.  Where will Oscar go this year?

Keep an eye on the blog to find out!

As boring and tedious a trip along I-10 can be, it does hold some treasures.  One of our favorite layovers is Fairview State Park, in Madisonville, LA.  Oscar likes the spooky trees, though he's glad the scary Halloween goblins aren't out this time.

This year we are members of Harvest Hosts, which has hosts throughout the US who allow RVrs to stay for free and "boondock" on their property which can be farms, wineries or
agri-tourism sites.  The settings are very unique and peaceful.  Check them out at

We stayed at Golden Acres Farm, near Monticello, FL for an evening and were guarded by an army of free range chickens.  Here are some on duty keeping watch over the Wonder Egg.

Golden Acres raises Tennessee fainting goats, lambs and guinea hens, who Oscar says make the most awful racket!

These kids and Oscar were best friends for the afternoon.

We put in an order for an early wake-up call, and Mr Rooster came strutting around the trailer at the crack of dawn tooting' his horn, as it were.

 On our way, with fond memories and anticipation of future unique camping experiences with Harvests Hosts.

The journey continues . . .


lynne said...

Hey Oscar! We met you and Pete in Kansas over two years ago and don't believe our paths have crossed since then.
Just want you to know that two sets of good friends are getting Olivers this spring. Excited for them.
Glad you are on the road. Give us a shout if you get to Tennessee.

Oscar said...

Lynne, I think it was the 2012 Kansas rally we met. It sure is nice to be out for another long wander! Pete and I will be stopping by the Oliver factory in Hohenwald, TN for some tweaking on the Wonder Egg. (Pete always wants the new toys added.)

After that, we will be heading quickly up to Pennsylvania, followed by New Hampshire for some of Pete's family activities. (Funny how we never go to any of MY relatives activities. Sheesh)

Afcabbie said...

Oscar!!!!!! Mr. Marks!!!!!! How are you guys?!?! I miss you! It's jessica from Petsmart!!! We live in Bastrop now. I hope whoever is grooming you Oscar, is taking good care of you! Will follow you guys!! ❤️ Jessica

Oscar said...


My grooming was never the same after you departed. Pete has me going to a nice lady closer to home, but she can't hold a candle to your expertise and technique.

Now that we're on the road for the summer, Pete says we will just have to stop in wherever we are when I am looking a bit on the "fuzzy" side. We are going to Nova Scotia. Could you fly out and groom me there? Pretty please with ice cream on top?

Your friend forever,


Afcabbie said...

As much as I love ice cream, I still must decline!! I just had another baby in September and he and my two girls are keeping me busy at home. I am so glad I found you guys! I really miss grooming and think about you guys when I look back! You guys take care of each other and let me know if you are ever in the area! Safe travels!!!

❤️ Jessica