Friday, April 17, 2015

The Amazing Dancing Flamingos

While visiting our dear friends, Chuck & Geri, we drove to Apalachicola, FL and visited The Tin Shed, where Oscar became entranced with the most amazing synchronized flamingo dance team.
He yelled "Hey Pete, get a video of these guys!!!"

So he reached his paw into my pocket, grabbed my wallet, scurried into The Tin Shed and walked out with his own flamingo dance team for The Wonder Egg.


Trisha said...

wow, I think Oscar is on to something there! Possibly a broadway show with him in a top hat and tails with a cane. ;-)

Pete said...

Trisha, don't give him any ideas. I can see him now, tap dancing his way across America with me acting as his roady and carrying his props. No thank you . . . I already drive him wherever he wants to go, fix him special meals, brush him, and pick up his poo. I don't need another job, thank you.