Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wonder Egg Enhancements

 It's Always nice for The Wonder Egg to return to the nest for a bit of tweaking.  "No, Oscar, not twerking ... tweaking!"  Here we are, camped out beside the Oliver Travel Trailers sales office.

 When The Wonder Egg hatched in 2008, 3G was the rage in cell phones and its original antenna did just fine.  But, now in the 4G world we live in, a new antenna was needed.  There it is on top, the thing that looks like an upside down oil filter.  It's the newest fang dangled antenna available that will receive all the current cell phone frequencies, plus WIFI signals WOOOHOOO!
Thanks, Dustin, for making it happen.  :)

 Oscar saw the new fender treatments on the 2015 models, and just had to have some put on his Wonder Egg.  I think they look pretty good, don't you?

I spent most of my time at the factory with The Wonder Egg while Oscar languished on the laps of the sales staff.  He played a concert for them on the Japanese Shakuhachi and gave both Alicia and Anita signed copies of his Shakuhachi pin-up photo for their offices.



Ian said...

Looks great! Looks like you're really living it up. I miss you, and your son. Glad to see you're both doing so well.

Gayle said...

If you put one of your saws next to Oscar's neck I'm reporting you to PETA, the FCC and the IRS. :)

Pete said...

Don't worry Gayle. As soon as I bring out a musical saw, Oscar stands up, excuses himself, and goes into another room. He won't be caught near one. Such a music critic!