Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fishin' with the Underwoods!!!

Oscar and I have made some new friends, the Underwood Family from Corpus Christi, Phil & Denise and their children, Katie and Cody. They are avid fishermen so Oscar & I went along with them to ye ole' fishin' hole. We watched as Katie hauled in the first of five fish today (yesterday, she caught 19!). Cody enjoyed the worms and was always wondering what the were "saying." Denise proudly holds up her catch . . . or is that rod being held by Phil? And Katie decides she'd like some fresh sushi right on the spot. EEEEWWWW!!!

It was a wonderful weekend. Oscar & I look forward to meeting the Underwoods again.


Phil said...

Pete it was our pleasure getting to camp with you and Oscar

Anonymous said...

Well Pete...I am so happy to here that you are now a real live fisherman! This is a fun site.....

Annie Schott