Friday, May 16, 2008

Port Hudson Organics

There's the Wonder Egg way over there, across the field of fresh clover at Will & Thais Perkins' organic farm. Two brilliant professionals with full time jobs, but their passion is connectivity to the earth and all of its bounty. They've been perfecting the art of organic farming on their land for many years, and, if you ask me, they have it down pretty dang good!

As you can see, they've invited some winged creatures to help out with the pollination. They say the honey's awesome! It'll help folks with their sweet tooth and their local allergies . . . what a deal!
The Wonder Egg likes it next to all of the farm implements, but it has told me not to get any ideas . . . (It's afraid I'll put it to work.) HA!


Anonymous said...

How does Wilson's wife parents deal with the disease of the bees?

Pete said...

Will says the mites are not a significant problem for him. He hesitates to use any non-natural pesticides and he has some hives that have a Russian strain of bees that are resistant to the disease.