Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Look, Pete! Trees! TALL Trees!!"

So there we were, cruising along the highways of northeastern Oregon looking at vast expanses of rolling mountains and hills covered with . . . nothing. OK, if you count the short dry grass as something, I may be technically wrong. But from where Oscar & I sat, it looked rather barren. Then all of a sudden, we rounded a bend and Oscar started to shake with excitement as he yelled out "Look, Pete, trees! TALL trees!!!!!"
After a long night of sentry duty amongst the large rocks, Oscar thought he had just died and gone to doggy heaven. Sooooo, I figured it was time to stop for the evening.

We stopped at Emigrant Springs State Park, so named because it used to be a favorite stopping place for the Oregon Trail travelers to stop and replenish their water supplies. An old growth forest between Pendelton and La Grande, it is a perfect place to rest and refresh the soul.
As Oscar and I took an late night walk among the towering Douglas firs, he looked up to the stars and said "Pete, I bet those trees touch the stars!" I smiled and said "They might, Oscar, they just might."

Oscar & I shall be staying with family and friends in the area for a while . . . traveling posts shall resume when we hit the road again . . .


mountainborn said...

Yep, Pete, I think you are right. That looks just like one of them places. You know, the kind that are just naturaly good for the soul.
You & Oscar soak up enough for all of us !

Cathy said...

We are enjoying your trip notes.
I think you are very close to John Day, Oregon and John Day State Park.
We have always wanted to go there. If you pass that way take a photo for us. John and Cathy Day

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine Oscar climbing one of those tall trees and touching a star with his fuzzy tiny paw.:) The Collins

Steve and Tali said...


Very impressive, I wish we could join in and follow you. Storm, Maggie and Lucy would love to see all the things Oscar is seeing.

You be careful out there...

Steve and Tali