Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mount Hood to Portland . . .

Oscar and I have had a wonderful time in Hood River the past few days. Filled with fishing on the Columbia river with Steve (who was on a men's retreat with guys from his church when this photo was taken), walking the hills of Hood River and enjoying the town, riding along the Fruit Loop and , most of all, hanging out with family. Here are Holly and the kids, Zach, Torie, and Sophie. Oscar really enjoyed running around with his dog cousins.

On the way to Portland, Oscar kept looking up at the steep cliffs in The Gorge and commenting on the beautiful waterfalls along the way. After enough of his Ooooohhhing and Aaaaaaahhhing I had to pull over at Multnomah Falls to let him get it all out of his system. It was very pretty and when Oscar finally settled down, we continued on to Portland.

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