Sunday, October 26, 2008

More of the Oliver Travel Trailer family

Oscar is saying farewell to Steve and Elizabeth, of Sacramento, CA. Lifelong campers, they picked up their Oliver in July and look forward to heading out to the great American outdoors in style . . . Steve will be using it to attend astronomical viewings, far away from light sources and up where the air is clear.

Now, Oscar is saying hello to Roger and Pat, of Lake Havasu City, AZ. As we were topping off with fresh water, another Oliver pulled up beside us! This is a very unusual event since Olivers have only been for sale about a year and their numbers are still growing . . . Oscar made such a hit he's been invited to their house for a stopover! We'll be going there tonight! The Oliver Travel Trailer "family" sure is a friendly one.


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The Collins said...

I won't be suprised if Oscar might get his own little Oliver to show off to his home dogs.