Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sequoia National Park

A couple nights ago, I helped Oscar fulfill another of his canine dreams. I took him to see the worlds largest living thing . . . a tree . . . a very, BIG, tree . . . "General Sherman" in the Sequoia National Park.

Getting to "General Sherman" required 20 miles of continuous switchbacks at 10mph climbing to nearly 8000 feet elevation.
But the climb was worth it. Oscar couldn't believe the size of that giant. The trees he saw in the Redwoods may have been taller, but the amount of space taken up by the 275 foot General Sherman makes it the most massive living thing on the planet! He was speechless. Here's a view of the tree from far away . . . it's the one in the middle and it's more than a football field away, across a field.

Soon, we were settled down at camp. As Oscar soaked up the view, I relaxed with a good book.All of a sudden, Oscar put on his "big dog growl" just as a large, hungry coyote was about 50 feet from us . . . As I stood up, the coyote saw me and ran back to the road, turning around for another look at what he figured was just a foo foo dog on a rope waiting to be eaten. Little did he know he'd be mixing it up with the Sasquatch killer, Oscar the Brave! (after this encounter, I put Oscar in the trailer for the coyote's safety)
We didn't let a wild animal spoil our trip to the sequoias. Two of Oscar's favorite things were walking through a tree . . .and driving between two of the Giant Sequoias on our way down the long, winding road. You can see the Wonder Egg liked it too! (The trailer looks like a toy next to those giant trees)


Trisha said...

WOW, those trees are amazing! God's handiwork at its finest. I'm glad that Oscar the Brave intimidated Wily Cayote and let him know that he could take him anytime! He has fought thunderous waves, Big Foot, and taken on the ruffians and survived so I'm sure Wily was a piece of cake, but how generous of you to stand in for him... :-)

mountainborn said...

Glad you have Oscar to keep an eye on camp for you Pete !

The Collins said...

Oh Oscar the Brave the silly foo foo dog to us but a sasquash to himself. Silly Oscar.....:)

The Collins said...

Are you heading somewhere new or heading home?

Anonymous said...

Each day of the trip brings something new. Enjoy you exploits and the Oscar adventures. Have let many know of the Wonder Egg.
Kepp on truckin'
Bob n' Jacquie