Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From the Pacific to The Big Ditch

Oscar and I enjoyed the Route 66 trip with our new best friends. Now it's time to meander out of the lowlands to the high country to find cooler temps. When we stopped back at Williams, AZ Oscar kept looking up back over his shoulder during walks. Then I saw what he was concerned about . . . he thought these eagles were going to swoop down and pick him up!

After conferring with these bear cubs, Oscar decided all was well and he relaxed.

From Williams, we went north to the Grand Canyon. Here's the first glimpse we had of "The Big Ditch" as the locals call it.

Oscar picked out our campsite and we got all set for exploring . . .

Off we went, in search of views . . . we hit paydirt!

During this photo, Oscar kept muttering "Pete, step AWAY from the edge!!"

Approaching sunset, we went to catch the subtle light changes and reveled in the display . . .

Just before sunset, the Watchtower overlooked the Colorado River bathed in red hues.

Sunset on the rim of the Grand Canyon can be spectacular in its simplicity.
A great way to end a great day.


Happy Trails said...

Isn't the Canyon AMAZING ??? Glad you and Oscar got to see it!

Anke said...

It's stunning! Beautiful scenery and pictures, enjoy!

Happy Trails said...

while you are in that corner of AZ, check out Monument Valley....nice campground, Canyon deChelly also nice csmpground!

Anonymous said...

Did you find some cool weather? I hope it's fairly dry where you are. We are floating away here in central Illinois.
Your friend,
Isabella the Italian Greyhound

Anke said...

Hey Pete & Oscar, haven't read any blogs for some days, just relaxing at home? Big day tomorrow ahead, and an "incoming baby" a.k.a. grandchild as well, so a lot of good things closer to home it seems! Anyway, have a lot of fun tomorrow and on any new journeys! Maybe, I'll come to the US in september, but not sure yet!

hitekhomeless (jenn) said...

Hi Pete & Oscar!

It was great meeting you both at Caverns of Sonora. I hope we cross paths again.

Happy Trails (and tails) to the both of you.
Jenn, Johnny, and Rain

Happy Trails said...

Great portraits of the canyon and all her glory! I loved the canyon so much, I lived and worked there 4 years!Glad to know you made it to the Sonoran Caverns also!

joanna said...

Pete! I love catching up with you on your journey, beautiful photos!

Oscar! I'll have to introduce you to my new buddy Neko Freako when we see ya again.

Be cool & take care fellas!

Pete said...


Nice hearing from you! We've been chilling at home and hanging with the grandkids for a bit. Soon, we'll be off on another adventure to some cool festivals in the Appalachians.

Say hi to Cat and Pet Nova for us. Oscar says hello to Neko Freako and looks forward to meeting him in the future!