Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Meteor Crater to Williams

Cruising down Route 66, Oscar and I were talking about the Native American Eagle-Dance in Gallup, NM when all of a sudden, we heard WHUMP! WHUMP! We looked around and saw two large arrows stuck into the ground alongside the traveling Eggs.
Cautiously circling back, Oscar and I eased up to the giant arrows, always looking skyward in case there were more arrows inbound.

To our relief, we saw they had not recently landed, but rather, were part of the fun landscape of giant things to be found along Route 66. Oscar decided the noises came from the 18-wheeler passing us at the time. We were relieved to learn the Little Plastic Trailers crossing all these Indian reservations didn't spark a war. Whew!

Taking the pre-1947 routing near Winona, we found an original portion of Route 66 pavement spanning an old iron bridge. Looking through the bridge, we saw snow capped mountains in the distance.

Today was a short travel day, positioning ourselves in Williams Arizona, on the edge of the high country where it is still cool. We'll hang out here a bit 'til the heatwave west of us eases. Williams is a nice town to visit. It's filled with great shops. But lookout . . . in the evenings you may find yourself smack in the middle of an old fashioned western gunfight!

Oscar was looking somewhat scruffy from all his traveling. He had become a light gray dog with dark gray markings. Tynia, from Canyon Pets, said she could take care of that and proceeded to lavish Oscar with all the TLC he deserved. As you can see, he liked the results a lot!

After his grooming we were driving through Williams and Oscar said "Hey Pete! You should get a job over there! It not only has your name on it but being the museum piece you are, you'd fit right in!" (Everybody loves a comedian)

To be continued . . .

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Anonymous said...

Ruff, Ruff Oscar. You would love the size of the back seat of that 49/50 Ford sedan. Is Pete gonna' take the gig at the museum?? Will there be enuff treats for you??
Scotty n Doogie