Friday, June 11, 2010

Barstow to San Dimas

Barstow, CA is a small town built around the historic railroad. While diminutive in size, it has a couple of really cool eating establishments. For our evening meal, we were joined by Doug, a Casita owner from Kingman, AZ, at Peggy Sue's Diner. Great food and atmosphere surrounded by Hollywood memorabilia.

Before heading to San Dimas, we ate a hearty breakfast at Penny's Diner. WOW!

Polly the Parrot touts regular gasoline for 18.9 cents a gallon. We inquired inside and they said they were all out. DANG!

The heat of the desert brings out a creative element from fertile minds . . . here are some examples from a Bottle Tree Ranch found alongside the road near Helendale.

Not to be outdone, some California gypsies sported this converted bus with a van welded to the top for their living quarters. (I know . . . only in California)

Arizona's Wigwam Motel has a sister just east or Rialto, Ca. It seems a bit out of place amongst the urban sprawl of California compared to the Arizona setting.

Perhaps the last of the Giant Orange Stands that once lined California, Bono's Historic Orange does a brisk business along Route 66 in Fontana.

Enter a magical world where three wishes await your desires at Rancho Cucamonga's Magic Lamp Inn.

In Upland, the Madonna of the Trail statue depicts a rugged pioneer woman crossing making an epic crossing of one of the many trails that bisected this land over the years, always answering the inevitable questions from her offspring . . . "ARE WE THERE YET?"

Poised for our run to the finish line, the Little Plastic Trailers rest for the night in San Dimas.

To be continued . . .


Happy Trails said...

We have eaten at Peggy Sue's! It was a fun place and our chicken fried steak was really good too!

EuropaWynd (Jessica M. Wilson) said...

Enjoyed looking at many of your images. I do like old Americana...and actually, I did grow up in much of the area near route 66, so I saw a few familiar places that I haven't thought of in years. :)
Thanks for sharing!

alisha loy said...

I just seen that bus in parkersburg WV....odd, I googled bus gypsies and that picture appeared....oddly i had just seen this bus.weird!