Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Williams to Barstow

Oscar thought the accommodations at the Railside RV Park in Williams, AZ were awesome, but he got a bit confused as to which of these he should use. I told him that's easy, he's neither a city dog or a country dog . . . he's was a travelin' dog and he can take his pick. He liked that.

Travelin' on down the road a piece, we passed through Ash Fork and spotted a 1958 Desoto perched on the roof of Desoto's Beauty and Barber Shop. I think it was driven by Elvis.

Our lunch alarms went off in Seligman as we spotted the Road Kill Cafe'. How could we resist? Mathew had a "buffalo burger", Lane enjoyed a "bird that hit the curb" and I dined on "fender tenders"

Oscar thought that was gross and said he was hungry enough to eat a dinosaur. I gave him a chance and he wimped out. (Imagine that)

Crossing into California, we passed Needles, home of the vintage 66 Motel.

In case we forgot maps, California places obvious markers on their stretches of the Mother Road.

The kokopellis felt at home in the desert.

Flat, hot, windy is par for the course on this stretch.

Oscar yelled "Pete stop! Did you see that odd tree back there?" As I pulled over he grabbed the camera and trotted back for a photo. He told me either these Californians have an odd sense of road beautification or this is where all of Forest Gump's fellow joggers left their worn out footwear.

On and on and on goes the Mother Road, fading to a thin line in the distance . . .

There's no doubt Lane is on a mission.

Oscar said this guy looks a little out of place crossing the Mohave desert with a boat!

One of the most often filmed Route 66 icons is Roys's Cafe' in Amboy, built in 1927.

This area may be hot in the summer, but a long time ago it was hotter, with molten lave coming forth from the Amboy Crater, an extinct North American cinder cone south of the route.

Folks used to be enticed to overnight at this motel with offers of "Free TV" LOL!

Harsh winds and punishing heat take their toll on structures left unattended for long.

Making this crossing, I'll take a Little Plastic Trailer to a Mule Train we passed any day!


Anonymous said...

Outstanding job, Oscar!!!
Scotty, Doogie, Geri n Chuckles

Anonymous said...

Oscar, did you go see "Snoopy's" brother, Spike in Needles? I remember from the commic strip that he lived there. He sported a mustash much like yours and was quite the ladies man....kind of like you. Say... are you sure you aren't related?