Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bentgate B&B

As you slide down the Appalachians and cross westward through the Cumberland Gap, keep your eyes peeled for some unusual critters. You just might spot some through and old fence . . .

Keep heading west. Just south of the Daniel Boone National Forest is the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. Nestled on the edge of the recreation area is the Bentgate Bed and Breakfast, a world class stopover for the weary traveler with the finest steak dinners east of the Mississippi.

If your timing is just right, you may be lucky enough to enjoy a most unique presentation of local history. Rugby's Lantern Tour at the Laurel Dale Cemetery has actors at gravesites in authentic period costumes telling stories in the first person narrative. All of their information comes from original source material, handwritten letters or news clippings, providing a real sense of life in Rugby during the 1880s. Hauntingly unique . . .

If you should pass through Crossville, TN be on the lookout for one of the many beaver statues hanging out dressed in costume like this feller, here!

A trip to Stearns allows you to visit the Blue Heron Mine, a historic representation of what life was like for the young and old living in the mining camp and owing their souls to the company store.

Feel your blood pressure drop as you gaze beyond the orchid out the kitchen window.

Oscar's fondest memories of Bentgate are all about squirrel hunting in the living room. He gets all starry eyed just thinking about it!


Anonymous said...

Dear Oscar,
Hope you and Pete have a great Thanksgiving filled with squirrels and turkey!

Your buddy,
Isabella the Italian Greyhound

Oscar said...


Pete mentioned something about a "squirrelducken". Sounds yummy!

Hope you and your people enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and have lots of turkey and dog biscuit sandwiches the following week.

Your pal,


Shannon C. said...

If you're ever in Crossville, Tennessee, again make sure to check out the Minister's Treehouse! It's amazing! My family and I stopped to see it on our summer road trip this year. Here's our blog about it:

Pete said...

Wow,that's some treehouse, thanks! We'll be sure to see it in person the next time we're 'round those parts.