Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wooly Worm Festival

What is a Woolly Worm?
a. The caterpillar or larvae form of the Isabella tiger moth.
b. A great excuse for a party
c. Both A & B

Banner Elk, NC hosts the annual Woolly Worm Festival, where folks gather for some good old fun and worm racing!

This fellow gets a bit carried away as he revels in the sensation of multiple worms crawling up their shirt . . . that's the spirit!

There are plenty of opportunities for some health conscious snacks.

Crowds gather for the multiple race events which eventually culminates in an overall winner of a $500 prize pot. GO WORM . . . GO!

Twenty worms compete per event. The race consists of placing your worm on a string and watching it creep upwards to the finish line. Here's "Coolie" crossing the finish line as the winner of his event, being pointed out by a Woolly Worm Festival official.
Part of the fun is watching the antics and hearing the calls of of the master of ceremonies.

We returned to camp and told Oscar and his new best friend, Sydney about it. Sydney was astounded ...

Oscar simply cracked up and told us we were nuts!

We fondly recalled the wonders of the Woolly Worm festival over brunch the next morning.

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