Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Eggs in the Fall!

Oscar & I've been outta range for a bit and have some "catchin' up to do" !!!!!

We spent some time with fellow "Eggers" up on a hillside east of Asheville, NC watching the leaves turn color. Here's the gaggle all lined up real close.

Oscar picked out our spot and I think he did a grand job! (Sherry, it's OK, just let him think it was HIS idea, it's easier that way)

Wandering along the winding Appalachian roads during the fall is spectacular.

We attended the East of Asheville Studio tour and saw artisans and their crafts in the making: pottery; blown glass; inlaid glass; wood turning; furniture makers; and my favorite - metal sculpture. Here's one of Aubrey, made by Dave Taylor of "Fire Steel & Rust" Great likeness!

Oscar loved Dave's works and while they were talking he told Dave all about our travels, so Dave made a sculpture just for Oscar's adventures. Perfect, don't you think?

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Glenda Laine said...

Woo hoo, you're not lost after all. Sounds like you & Oscar had a fabulous time. Love the line of Ollies.

~~ Glenda ~~