Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Journey's End

Members of the Louis and Clark Expedition pulled their canoes onto this beach on November 15, 1805. After 18 months and more than 4000 miles of travel, the Corps of Discovery finally looked across the broad mouth of the Columbia River and onto the Pacific Ocean. "Ocian in view! O! the joy" William Clark writes, "Great joy in camp. We are in view of the ocian, this great Pacific Octean, which we have been So long anxious to See. and the roreing or noise made by the waves brakeing on the rocky Shores (as I Suppose) may be heard distictly." Remaining here 10 days, Louis and Clark scouted the area, making detailed maps such as this one displaying the camp's location.

From a high overlook on the north shore peninsula, they could look far out into the ocean.

Imagine their exhilaration at poking their dugout canoes into the never ending expanse . . .

Today, a lighthouse stands guard over the rocky point jutting out on the northern shore.

Food being scarce and the wind being fierce on the northern side of the river, they moved south and set up encampment at Fort Clatsop to winter over into 1806.
Today, the fort is maintained as a learning center where you can imagine their living conditions and hear the roar of a muzzle loader they used for hunting wild game.

Alas, our journey is over . . . what a wonderful group of friends that participated along the way. Thanks, Judy, for having the vision and putting together this memorable trip! To all, safe journeys wherever you go and may we meet again along the road . . .



Kimbopolo said...

What a great journey! Or should I say journies - the original and the 2011 adventure. I've so enjoyed your account and photos.

Happy Trails said...

Thank you for taking us along! I have thoroughly enjoyed your summer journey!