Friday, August 5, 2011

Louis & Clark Caverns, Montana

On the northern bank of the Missouri River in southwest Montana, we rested at Louis & Clark Caverns State Park. As the Expedition passed this spot 206 years ago, they were unaware of the beautiful art nature wrought inside the hills overlooking their passage. Here's a view of the campsite and river from near the caverns entrance.

A very close up and personal experience with the cavern was had as we descended through narrow shafts and slippery passages during the tour.

At the information center, this picture of Catholic nuns who were regular visitors of the cavern by candle light led us to believe we might encounter them during the tour. Oscar thought they got lost and never found their way out! He kept his eyes darting left and right in search of the contemplative ladies. About halfway through, Oscar said "GOT EM!" and he took this photograph of what he swears is the sisters, encased in candle wax, and frozen in time . . .
Silly dog.

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Tim said...

Great photos! I would love to explore that area some day.