Thursday, August 11, 2011

Uncle Whisker Britches

Getting home today, after another epic summer trip on the road with The Wonder Egg and Oscar the Smiley Dog. The Tacoma passed a milestone yesterday as 100,000 appeared on the odometer. It's just about broken in and has been trouble free . . . what a great tow vehicle. Oscar especially enjoys the back seat area which folds down flat. He has his crate, a comfy bed, food, and a driver who hauls him all over the country at his whim . . . sheeesh!

We were out in the middle of nowhere and Oscar says "Hey Pete, there's Wilson Arch! Uncle Whiskers told me all about it." So we pulled over and Oscar proceeds to tell me all about the area and the wagon trains that passed by here so long ago. He had such vivid detail, I told him he was just making it all up out of thin air.

He then reaches into his wallet and pulls out an old faded photograph of his great-great-great uncle Whisker Britches who was a guard dog on a chuck wagon that crossed these parts so long ago. Oscar says canine oral tradition is very strong in his family and he swears it's all true, every bit.



Trisha said...

What a woof of a tale (or is that tail?) Glad you are back at home safely. The little devil dogs send their best (which being devil dogs means full of mischevious behavior).

rain said...

Great-great-great uncle Whisker Britches mush have been one brave pup!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have believed Oscar's tale if it hadn't been for his photo of great-great-great Uncle Whisker Britches. Hard to refute proof like that! :D