Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lolo Pass to Dent Acres

The Lolo Trail was the northern route across the rugged Bitterroot Mountains used for centuries before Lewis & Clark by Native Americans of the West. The Nez Perce traveled east to the great plains and the buffalo. The Salish used the trail to reach the Lochsa river and fish for salmon.

During our crossing, we slept to the gurgling sounds of a babbling brook at Lolo Hot Springs campground. What an excellent nights sleep!

On sept 13, 1805, Lewis and Clark camped nearby at Glade Creek. Here's the open field where they struck camp. Their horses were tethered o the meadow below.

L&C passed these immense cedar trees as they navigated down the pass.

Many years later, Bernard Devoto would sit amongst this cedar grove as he edited the Louis and Clark Journals.
The giant cedar sentinels have been here many centuries as men have made their way below them through the wilderness.

The Eggs gathered in the Powell Ranger Station parking lot to gather local information.

Oscar snapped a picture of this foreboding caution sign. He missed the first one of these, which said 99 miles!

But those winding, descending curves were nothing like the ones to Dent Acres State Park. The steep grade made it imperative to use caution for hot brakes. Approaching the park, we crossed a lovely suspension bridge spanning this mountain lake.

Here's Oscar, standing guard over the Eggs as they relax on the hill overlooking the lake.

To be continued . . .


baron100 said...

Great Blog! Enjoying the journey with you through your pictures and narrative.

Whee Gina said...

You are making us jealous. We are plotting some sort of road trip now. How is the temperature?

Pete said...

Most of this adventure has been warm. Cooler at higher elevations of the Rockies, requiring a light jacket around a campfire. The coast of Oregon gets slightly cooler and misty in the mornings.

If I were planning a quick trip to get out of Texas heat, I'd go up into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

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