Monday, May 21, 2012

Anasazi Heritage Center

It's always fun to suddenly come upon an interesting place and stop in to look around ... such as the Anasazi Heritage Center we passed on our way to join with other travelers.

Numerous displays weave a tale of the lives of the Pueblo peoples who have inhabited this area around 500-1300 AD.

The character in this this from 700-8--AD exhibits a head decoration similar to the "butterfly" whorls worn by Hopi girls in modern times.

The Canyon of The Ancients National Monument has over 6000 archeological sites, some areas having a density of more than 100 per square mile.  Evidence of earliest human hunter gatherer activity dates back to 6000 BC.  By 500 AD, the Ancestral Puebloans had established homesteads and cornfields.  The Pueblo Grande, near Pheonix, was very large and complex in nature.  Descendants of the Pueblo people live throughout this area today and often return to some of the ancient sites for reflection and teaching the next generation about their heritage.

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