Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vintage Trailers (and other old things)

At Devil's Canyon campround, north of Blanding, Pete & I  saw one of the granddaddies of all fiberglass trailers, a 1974 Echo owned by Steve, an outdoor enthusiast who's tent making skills allowed him to incorporate new technology into his classic trailer.  I said "Look, Pete, a solar powered Echo!"
Echo inspired Boler, which inspired Scamp, out of which came Casita, which inspired Oliver.
I figure that kinda makes this guy the Wonder Egg's great granddaddy.

We crossed paths with this 1981 Scamp, owned by Jane, of "LaBelle, Cool Warm Hats"  at Capital Reef SP.  Jane affectionately calls her trailer the Star Scamp due to numerous silver stars scattered about the top half - perfect trailer decor for this prime stargazing area.  Click on the hyperlink and check out her coooool hats . . . 

As I was laying out in the sun catching some Zs, this 1962 Tin-Can trailer took the slot next door. I ran over after they set up and they allowed me to view the inside design that was also straight out of the sixties.
 These guys went all out with matching lounge chairs and even an authentic 1962 milk carton painted to match.  But the mostest awesomest thing of all was the cute little dog they had!

While at Capital Reef SP, Pete & I drove down a very old wash that formed over the eons.  The locals say it's not safe to drive here during rainfall.  

Pete told me the numerous holes that pockmark the face of the rock walls are said to hold great mysteries.  He claimed that sometimes, ghosts of ancient dinosaurs peek out of a hole and watch the cars go by.  I laughed and told him he was full of it.  Suddenly he shouted, "Look, Oscar!  There's one now!"

Very funny, Pete, very funny . . . 



Trisha said...

Mom and I were in that heritage center in 92 after a rather eventful "detour" to get there. Ended up seeing a Navajo who spoke no English riding a (what else) Pinto pony in the middle of no where. We were lost. He tried to help. That was a fantastic trip!

Anonymous said...