Sunday, May 13, 2012

Coronado State Park

Pete & I pulled into the Coronado State Park campground and found a cool site on a bluff overlooking the Rio Grande River (and we're not even in TEXAS!)

We took a short walk to visit the ancient ruins of the Kuaua Pueblo, a farming community which grew up in the 1200s and was visited by Coronado's expedition in the early1540s during his quest for the legendary Seven Cities of gold.  These walls have been rebuilt in the 1930s over the same layout of the pueblo which lies several feet below the ground. The many roomed structure stood 4 stories tall!

Coronado's soldiers wore the latest protection available as they traveled across the land. The short "Sport Sword" and Stirrup in this display are original, while the feathered helmet is a reproduction of more items used by the Spaniards.  They must have looked very strange to the peoples of Kuaua.

We walked along the trail through the archeological site.  When Pete saw this sign, he looked kinda worried.  I told him not to worry, that I, Oscar the Smiley Dog, would protect him . . .
 Just down the trail a bit, these two snakes were all intertwined and slowly wiggling in the dirt.  As I jumped up into Pete's arms (to calm him down, of course) he said we had nothing to worry about and that the two snakes needed to "get a room".  What did he mean by that?  He's so weird.

To show him that I ain't afraid of wild animals, on the way back to the campground, I hopped out of his arms and had my picture taken next to this huge, scary, bear.  "Nanny, nanny, boo boo, bear!"

Our neighbors, Bennie and Edith invited us over for some conversation and lap time, my favorite thing.

Another great campground with new things to see and sniff . . .
I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!


Happy Trails said...

Where is Corondo State Park??? We tried to send you an email with our phone number but your mailbox refused it. We have no cell phone service here. We will call you prolly Mon or Tues when we go to town.

Pete said...

We were just north of ABQ. Currently west of Durango, CO for the night.