Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fine Arts Day

Wow, what a great day! You just never know when you'll chance upon some wonderful treasures of music and art. Today, they were tucked away high up on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Glendale Springs, North Carolina.

First, there was a wonderful fresco, by Ben Long.
This work of his appears at the Holy Trinity Church built 107 years ago in Ashe County, NC. Ben Long is curently on a 7 year consignment to work on frescoes at The Vatican. Yup . . . he's pretty good!

Next, was a delightful evening concert at the Ashe Civic Center by Emile Pandolfi

A classicaly trained pianist, Pandolfi presented a well rounded show of time tested favorites introduced with humor and a sense of humility which understated his great talent.


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Thomas L Totten said...

Hey Pete,
I found your blog...very nice. Spunky, Sallye and I enjoyed the weekend at Raccoon Holler with you and our mutual friends. I really like how you have the Oliver outfitted. travel safely and we will be following your blog. Tom