Friday, August 15, 2008

The Sunshine State . . .

OK, we just HAD to have the obligatory goofy tourist picture taken as we entered Florida!

But then, just as we were having our photo taken, Florida went all out to honor its newest celebrity canine visitor . . . OSCAR! . . . by putting on this awesome aerial demonstration by the Navy's Blue Angels. Oscar was so thrilled and he swelled with pride.

Oscar guided me by map into the deepest recesses of the southern panhandle of Florida where we navigated through tiny, jungle trails looking for the perfect spot for an overnight stay.

We found it at Ecofina River Resort. Quiet, out of the way, lots of friendly fellow campers, and a gator or two. (Honest, I saw two . . . but I kept them from Oscar the Brave so he wouldn't attack them)

Here's a photo from this morning before we pulled up stakes and headed for Dunnellon, FL to visit family. We'll bed down there for a spell and be back up on line after a while when we set off for points North!


Anonymous said...

How much rain did you get in FL?

Pete said...

Nothing out of the ordinary so far, but as Fay heads over us in her westerly course the next day or so we may see about 6 -10 inches.

Anonymous said...

Pete, That's a beautiful photo!

Trisha said...

Great shot of you with Oscar Bravado. I'm so glad the Blue Angels recognized Oscar for his contributions with a fly over.

Uh....obviously the "puter" is fixed! yipppeeeee!