Thursday, August 28, 2008

North 35.5342 West 82.3227

"The road less traveled", or "where no road has gone before" is descriptive of Paul & Sherry's stunning 48 acres straddling the eastern continental divide, some 15 miles east of Asheville, NC. When they found this paradise, there was nothing you could call a road on it. I can see why they come to the mountains for a bit of solitude and soul centering relaxation.

Right now, their base camp consists of their Oliver travel trailer and a multipurpose "shabin", a cross between a shed and cabin which can accommodate overflow guests, serve as a storage facility, or even a makeshift cafe' which I have named The TY-wun-ON . . .

During a power hike up and down the steep terrain, Paul & Sherry pointed out several options of where they might build their future home. I pointed out the BEAR TRACKS!#*! along the path to which they said, "Oh, yeah, there's a mother and her cubs with a den down in that deep ravine." Nice . . . real nice . . . glad I left Oscar, aka: "Little Snack," back in the Wonder Egg.
It was a wonderful visit, you can't find more gracious hosts in a five star hotel. For you Oliver Owners out there, look for a notice sometime in the future about a Rally-on-the Mountain. Here's Little Snack, thinking about bears and saying goodbye to our special friends.

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