Monday, August 25, 2008

Litle Ocmulgee

After the long Texas drought, living underneath the deluge of Tropical Storm Fay was exciting for Oscar (but not the booming thunderstorms when he quivered) He had never seen so much water and when "she" was gone oscar said "Pete, I'd like to see Fay again, let's go north NOW!" I simply can't stand t hear him whine, so, we packed up and went north. Coming upon the crossing of the Suwanee river, I started singing the song by Al Jolson, "Suwanee, Suwanee, how I luv ya, how I luv ya ... when Oscar yelled, "Pete, pull over now!" and I slowed down just in time to cruise into the Suwanee River visitor center.

Which was CLOSED due to the torrential rains from Oscar's girl friend, Fay. I think the electric cars would short out in this parking lot and the van and car pools took on whole new meanings.

But we managed to circumvent the wet stuff and make it to our appointed destination, Little Ocmulgee State Park, in Georgia, a small well kept secret deep in the heart of the south. Well manicured, golf course, lodge, river activities, playground for kids, etc. Best of all, low key and quiet. Yeah, my kinda place.


thais said...

Nice to see you in action, Pete. Keep up the good posting! I promise to reciprocate with your granddaughter's "Princess Monster" birthday party (she requested it!).


Anonymous said...

And here I thought you were thinking of Stephen Foster's song "Way Down Upon the Suwanee River, far, far away..."

Good to see Oscar made friends with Fay. Maybe she won't chase you up the eastern seaboard nipping at your heals.