Monday, May 31, 2010

Amarillo to Albuquerque

Heading west from Amarillo we stopped at an American road icon which was moved to its present location in 1997. "Cadillac Ranch" is the resting place for 10 road barges that used to glide across the highways in style. Graffiti artists have made this a very colorful place.

In Adrian, Texas we found the most hospitable cafe on the Mother road. The Midpoint Cafe is pure old-timey diner inside and out, where you can have a tasty piece of pie, buy a cookbook with its recipe and have it signed by the author! The YUM that keeps on giving . . . :)

Why do they call it the Midpoint Cafe? Now you know.
This old road warrior is parked alongside the cafe. If it could only talk.

Air conditioned cars were not part of the old Route 66 landscape. Seeing this sign was sure to bring cries of "I want some!" from the back seat.

Seeing Judy, Sam and Gloria, it looks like that cry is still heard today. (Later, when Judy mentioned over the walkie-talkie that her dog, Foxy, was licking the bowl, Oscar glowered at me for not having any ice cream myself and sharing it with him. You just can't win sometimes - sheesh)

I told him I did ask for a 5 cent hot dog, but they were all out.

Although the Blue Swallow Motel of Tucumcari, NM has lost a bit of its luster it still manages to draw a steady flow of bikers along the Mother road to fill its rooms.
Its mural on the side harkens back to busier times.

Gloria and Judy spotted opportunity at the Timeless Treasures antique stop and several of us pulled over to see what all the excitement was about.

As the ladies roamed the store in search of the-mother-find, the guys were entertained by Rodeo Ralph who told us about the good ole days.

Not every portion of Route 66 is friendly to RV traffic. But when you're pulling a Little Plastic Trailer, even the narrowest of tunnels is no problem.

In Cuervo, time marches on for this decaying mission whose wooden steeple still stands against the elements.

There is no shortage of museums to be found along the Mother Road. Santa Rosa has the Auto Museum where enthusiasts can drool over classic cars and hot rods.

To be continued . . .


Gayle said...

Looks like Oscar is showing you a nice time, Pete. Good form, Oscar!

Anonymous said...

This blog is fantastic. Thanks so much, Pete, for keeping us "wanna-be-there's" posted as to what's going on. My plan was to have joined you all in El Reno, but a heart problem reared it's ugly head and I couldn't make it. I'm really hopeful there will be another time. Keep on havin' fun!

Gary Mehl

Pete said...


Glad you were able to take care of your health issues first. Perhaps you can meet Lane on his eastbound Route 66 trip. He put the itinerary on the forum. Oscar & I are only going on the western bound portion, then we're off to other adventures.