Thursday, May 13, 2010

Egret Motel

Oscar & I have been hanging out at Lake Greeson for a while enjoying the tranquil rhythms of nature . . . there's something about a moonrise reflecting on the water that is calming deep down to the soul.

The sun was not to be outdone, however, and displayed its colors as it said goodnight.

Speaking of goodnight, Oscar asked where all of the graceful egrets go to sleep. I was curious as well, so we started to look around and finally found it . . . the EGRET MOTEL!

It's been a wonderful three weeks here at Lake Gresson. Friends, fishing, kayaking, friends, nature watching, relaxing, friends, etc. Time to start moving on . . . wonder what we'll find out there next!


Happy Trails said...

You are going to find more good times, meet old friends and make new friends. Life is good!

mountainborn said...

Hope your trip is going well. Were still loadin' our plunder for Colorado.