Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stanton, MO to Joplin, MO

Early morning in Stanton, MO . . . folks having their morning coffee and preparing for the day's exploring of Route 66.

We gathered for a photo op . . . conveniently located at a church where we might get a bit of "overhead" guidance and protection for the trip. :)

Going down the road, Oscar grabbed the camera and took a shot of the bow of our kayak and a unique water tower in a small town. He said "Hey Pete, those folks are real serious about their drinking. Look at the size of that whiskey barrel!" (Click on the picture to see what the silly dog was talking about)

No need for passports as we drove through Cuba. They have numerous wonderful murals painted on the sides of buildings. Here's a sampling . . .

The "Worlds Largest Rocking Chair" can be found at the Route 66 outpost in Fanning, MO.

Speaking of large, Oscar grabbed the camera again and snapped a photo of a giant bowling pin next to a sign that read "Adult Superstore". He asked me if that was an ad for some giant bowling lanes and I quickly changed the subject on him. (He's only six and wouldn't understand)

Lunch at the Bell Restaurant, in Lebanon, was made memorable by monster double cheeseburgers and spaghetti casserole surprise, both served with copious amounts of french fries. Not for the fainthearted!

Gary Turner, a veritable fountain of information and hospitality mans the Sinclair Gas Station in Paris Springs. His congeniality is hard to beat, as are the Route 66 cherry soda soda pops he hands out free . . . "made with pure cane sugar". Nice, nice man . . .

Down the road a bit and just a little north of Carthage, MO is the one of a kind city of Red Oak. A city from the past, transplanted into a cornfield and brought back to life - simply amazing.
Here are a couple of the buildings from Red Oak. The school house . . .

and a farmhouse / barn combination.

After viewing all of these wonders today, Oscar & I felt a bit just plain-done-wore-out and a bit rusty, so we hopped in our vehicle and left for the campground.

To be continued . . .


Anonymous said...

You know the last picture of the rusty driver n the cool dog is our favorite! Ya'll be having TOO much fun ! Remember your DIET!!!!!!
Chuck n Geri n Oscars buds

Anke said...

Hi Oscar and Pete,

your new travel stories sound great again! Never new there were so much nice places to go to in the US haha! Have been a while since I was last reading, but enjoy it again! Just came back from almost 3 weeks in Indonesia, which was also very nice, but only a bit hard to get there by road....Have fun and maybe see y'all soon!