Monday, May 31, 2010


Whew! We finally made it back onto The Mother Road and to the next gathering in Amarillo, TX. Oscar took great pleasure in telling everyone about my wrong turn and the lovestruck bull. I simply told them I wasn't lost . . . I was EXPLORING!

As you know, everything is big in Texas. This was not exception with the two limousines that picked us op for a trip the the Big Texan Steakhouse. Nice hood ornament.

Ladies love shoes and ours were taken with Big Texan's boot our front.

Us guys are sometimes full-of-bull and gravitated elsewhere for our photo. The ad on the side of the bull is about the FREE 72 oz steak . . . only catch is you must eat it all, along with a salad, baked potato, and three shrimp. Failure to eat the whole 4 1/2 pound slab of beef and its fixin's leaves you with a $72 tab and a stomach ache.

No one in our party went for the 72oz monster but, as you can see we were pleased with our meals.


Happy Trails said...

You guys are just havong way too much fun! Too bad ya'll couldn't have all shared that big steak! However.... dividing 3 shrimp amongst all ya'll woulda been a bit more difficult! Chuck and I are camped in Lake Ogallala State Park in Nebraska for 2 days then onwards to the badlands!

Anonymous said...

Peter, those are fantastic pictures!! You know what else I saw in every single one of them???.............sunshine! I love El Nino years in the winter, but come late spring they are a curse. We are having a horrid storm that will dump 2-5" of rain in 2 days, and its been raining buckets already. :-( Glad you are having a great time. The "kids" say hello to Oscar and request an "exchange" program.