Friday, May 21, 2010

RT 66 - Springfield, IL

Springfield. IL has a lot to offer the Route 66 traveler and American History buffs. I told Oscar I was going with Lane & Mathew to eat a Cozy Dog and he gave me a rude look and a "Harumpf!" before going to hide in his cave under the bed.

Inside, they have all the iconic Cozy Dog things to pose next to, like Lane and Mathew here.

And a pose for me.

I overheard a customer ask the cashier if a Cozy Dog wasn't simply a corn dog on a stick. The cashier's eyes got big and he exclaimed "Oh, no . . . they're MUCH better." well, here's a look at my freshly battered and deep fried Cozy Dog, dipped in a bit of mustard getting ready to sacrifice itself for a test of that statement. Ya know . . . that cashier sure knew what he was talkin' about. YUMMER!

Springfield is home to the Gemini Giant's cousin, the Lauterbach Giant. This guy sports an Abe Lincoln beard and has stayed closer to his roots - he's still in the automotive business.

Speaking of Abe, here he is in his museum, sitting by his old log cabin, wondering what the future would bring.

Do you think he had any idea his family would live in the White House, much less during a civil war? His museum is great and should be visited by anyone who passes by these parts. It contains numerous items personally used by or penned by the great man himself. There's even one of his stove-top hats where you can see spots worn down by his fingers from always tipping his hat to others.

Isabella, the Italian Greyhound has been watching Oscar's blog for a while. She even sent Oscar get well wishes last year when he was feeling under the weather. She figured out he was nearby and asked 'her people" (Pamela & Bill) to take her to meet Oscar. So they Did! Here are Oscar's new best friends, Isabella the Italian Greyhound and her people, Pamela and Bill. We had a great time over dinner, talking about camping in little trailers. Isabella even gave Oscar a baggie of her favorite treats. What a great dog she is!


Anonymous said...

It was so much fun to meet you at last. I hope you enjoy the dog treats; they are my favorite kind and really very good.
Have a great time exploring Rt. 66 and be sure to take lots of pictures. I like to see all the nice places you find along the way.
Tell Pete to drive safe because I hope to visit you again some day.
"Happy Tails... until we meet again..."
Isabella and Her Pack

Anonymous said...

Hey Oscar!!!
All those NEW smells and treats too. WOW,can I come with you next time?? We're in someplace called Oklahoma and it's supposed to have more original Rte 66 mileage than any other state so I'm gonna' have my humans start lookin' fur ya'll.
Doogie Bowser n Scotty n Geri n Chuck