Saturday, May 29, 2010

El Reno, OK to Amarillo, TX

During this Little Plastic Trailers on Route 66 adventure, travelers are free to overnight at the place of their choice. Getting from point A to point B is also our own responsibility. Sometimes we may have as many as 5 trailers in a close caravan at other times, there may be one or two. We know the destination city and that Lane & his grandson, Mathew will be at the KOA. Sometmes we're all there as well and other times we branch out to other locations. Many of us overnighted at Red Rock Canyon State Park in Hinton, OK. A picturesque valley lined with rock cliffs that showed off their color. A stream runs along the northern cliffs.

This stream was significant in the mid 1800s to folks traveling the California Road from Ft Smith, AR westward to California in search of gold. They carved a special ramp down a steep incline to allow the oxen driven wagons to literally slide down the rock to a point that would make it easier to fill up their water stores for the long trip ahead. One of those rock pathways can still be seen in the park.
Time to get on the road, we teamed up with Sam & Gloria for the day's travel. Here is a rural Oklahoma section of the Mother Road.

We soon came upon the little town of Erick, OK. Birthplace of Roger Miller, who composed King of the Road and Sheb Wooley, infamous for his Purple People Eater. A comedy act was in progress at the refurbished City Meat market, now a venue for new talent.

Artifacts from bygone days were strewn about the property. I wonder how many miles this old Plymouth hood went down the Mother Road.

Sam and Gloria said they were juse-a-relaxin on the porch, but I think they were getting lubricated! Check out the can on the table.

In Shamrock, TX the U-Drop Inn and Conoco gas station shared the same structure. Its now the location for the city's Chamber of Commerce.
This Mclean gas station was the first Phillips 66 in Texas back in the day.

Even water towers have trouble standing up to the constant force of the wind out here. (Actually it was designed that way to get attention - it works!)

Route 66 has had many changes over the years. Sometimes it can be a real challenge to find the original Mother Road. Then again, sometimes you just make a dumb mistake and head to the literal "end of the road" Here you have a case of being dumber than dumb and going beyond the end of the road as the Wonder Egg, followed by Sam and Gloria chart new territory. (Where no EGG has gone before . . .)

Oscar looked out the window and said "Hey Pete! That big old Texas bull is looking at the Wonder Egg with lust in its eyes . . . Lets get outta here!!!!!!!!!!!"

Will the Little Plastic Trailers ever find a place to turn around without getting bogged down in cow patties? Will Pete live down the shame of making a wrong turn? Will Oscar the Smiley Dog ever make it to Santa Monica?

To be continued . . .


Happy Trails said...

I have camped at Red Rock Canyon State Park in OK and took Chuck there 2 years ago! Beautiful spot to visit!!!

Melissa said...

Thank you so much for sharing your aadventure. It is nice to see my dad Sam and Gloria having a great time.

Oscar said...

It was great having Sam & Gloria along. Just wait til you see them ride the GIANT BUNNY RABBIT!