Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rt 66 Springfiedl, IL - Stanton, MO

It may not be the famed "Yellow Brick Road", but this nostalgic red bricked portion of Route 66 in Auburn, IL helped set the mood for a great day of exploring the Mother Road.

In Carlinville, Macoupin County has some unique architectural marvels that give the flavor of the times back in the 1800's around these parts. First is the 1869 jailhouse made with canon balls cemented within the stone walls to inhibit jailbreaks. :=O

Then there's the "Million Dollar Courthouse" that cost more than that to build it in 1870! A huge scandal ensued which is talked about to this day . . .

Did you know that at one time you could order a house through the Sears Roebuck catalog? We took a "windshield tour" through a neighborhood of these homes which were brought in by Standard Oil Company for its Carlinville mine workers.

In Benld, IL we found one of Al Capone's hangouts. The Colisum Ball Room was a dance hall that hosted many of the nations the greatest entertainers for over fifty years. Jazz greats and rock and roll favorites were regulars. Another "regular" was the moonshine still in the basement that produced something to lift the spirits of the dancers upstairs during prohibition . . . that is until "The Revenuers" put a stop to it.
Speaking about prohibition, these folks are dead set against smoking!

Down the road a piece you come to the Luna Cafe in Granite City, IL - another hangout for Mr. Capone. Locals light the lamp early at this speakeasy.

Renown for its humongous tacos, we just couldn't help ourselves. "A round of TACOS, please!"
Lane's grandson, Mathew, had never faced such a gastronomical challenge and was cautious on how to proceed . . .

Gloria said "No problem Mathew, ya just grab it with both hands and attack!"

Spanning the Mississippi River is the Chain of Rocks Bridge. There is a sharp bend in the middle because Illinois started its span without confirming there was bedrock on the Missouri side at the intended point of landing. OOPS

Sam & Lane
Me & Lane

Sam & Gloria manned the old firetruck in the event of any mid-bridge emergency.

To be continued . . .

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It seems this is a gastronomical Route 66 tour....I get hungry ever time I look at this GREAT Blog.
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